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Home Decor is out now!

Home Decor is a song based on a concept I thought up years ago: what if you were on hold, but the hold music was so good you didn’t want anyone to answer? Home Decor refers to the department that the caller is waiting to be connected to, and this is the hold music that plays! I hope I achieved my goal, and that when you hear this, you’ll want to stay on hold forever.

Home Decor Cover Art

Home Decor comes out on Friday, December, 29th!

My newest single, Home Decor, is coming out on Friday, December 29th! Very excited for you to hear it! It is the first in a new series of songs inspired by hold music. Check out the amazing album art by longtime collaborator and amazing designer, Evan Ohl:

Home Decor Cover Art
The cover art for Home Decor, by Evan Ohl

To pre-save Home Decor and have it automatically added to your Spotify library upon release, please click below!

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my next track, slated to release at the end of January. See you then!